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Exclusive programs

Sports Program

Our sports programs include a boxing program, ran by Mr. C. Smith an Olympic Certified Boxing Coach,  is designed to positively stimulate the minds of youth, while teaching discipline, teamwork, leadership, and a sense of direction. Boxing skills and training will help teach each participant to think before reacting which helps reduce violence in our community.

Our basketball program is available to youth aged 10-21 and includes a boot camp.

Leadership Program

We are committed to work with, engage and inspire youth to maximize their potential to become productive citizens. Goals include:


  • Teach leadership skills

  • Define leadership

  • Explain the value of leadership

  • Leverage leadership to create better neighborhoods and

       foster community relationships

Youth Program

Our program will foster positive experiences for marginalized youth, preparing them for employment, teaching conflict resolution, teaching stress reduction techniques and reducing violence in the community. We strive to provide:

  • A safe haven for youth in need

  • An opportunity to engage with others

  • Empathy training

  • Socialization skills

  • Educational and creative learning experiences

  • Employment preparedness

  • A positive, fun outlet

Educational, Development, and

Motivational Program

The program will provide leadership skills for youth that will aid in building employment skills, mentorship, and internships. The program will emphasize introduction of nontraditional jobs for various demographics, teaching customer service skills, leadership, management skills. We will also identify career paths and connect participants with employment opportunity. Additionally, the program will reduce bullying, focus on healthy eating, exercise and fitness training.

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