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The Lord is my Shepherd

twenty third outreach

About us

  The Lord is My Shepherd, also known as 23 rd Outreach, is a nonprofit 501(c)3 organization formed in 2001, who seeks to address the needs of a socioeconomically challenged community, primarily assisting residents who lack equitable access to nutritious food. It takes a village to raise a community; so our mission is to arm our neighbors with information and knowledge through education, entrepreneurship programs, and sports.

  We currently offer a Youth Sports Program which includes boxing, martial arts and basketball, fostering the development of our youth. We provide mentorship, nutritional information, conflict resolution and


  Our ambition is to expand programming to include a workforce development program, partnering with local carpentry teachers from the Philadelphia School of Technology to offer workshops and apprenticeships, providing pathways to a stable career with family sustaining wages. Additionally, we would like to develop workshops with the Philadelphia School of Technology in several blue-collar industries, including automotive and masonry in which participants also attain their GED.

Missionary Statement

Our mission is to continue uplift and provide the necessary means of the community in each state in which we are affiliated. Direct you to those agencies that are equipped in counseling in crisis, job applications. We mentoring the youth as well as the adults against violence and educating their minds as well as nurturing their bodies, souls and spirits. To build homes for the senior citizens, veterans, and low income housing. Our company shares equality to all. And for our missionary is to build a McDonald House in each state in which we provide these services.

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